DEMU Showcase June 2019

DEMU Showcase is one of those exhibitions that seems to come around very quickly each year. This year due to the closure of the original planned venue in Burton, a quick re-plan involved a visit to a new venue in Swadlincote. “Where”, I hear you ask? Well its only a few miles from Burton so not too big an upheaval but to listen to some folk you would think it had been moved to outer Mongolia. Others may argue that Swad and Outer Mongolia are a decent match but it turned out very well in the end.

The venue was a leisure centre which meant that the exhibition was in one large hall which was good, but it was also bloody hot! Fortunately the Extreme Etchings stand we were working on was located adjacent to “Hornsey Broadway” which gave us something really decent to watch during less busy times.

The show was very good and it was great to see a number of smaller manufacturers launching new products at the show. Having the likes of Accurascale, RevolutioN and Cavalex there adds a new dimension to the show and gives them a great platform to showcase their current and planned products.

As usual, Showcase weekend would not be complete without the customary visit to The Coopers Arms followed by a nice curry. All the usual suspects were there and a great time was had by all. Given that it had been a knackering day in the heat it was no surprise that a few headed home after the curry to leave the non-driving contingent to return to the Coopers.

Firstly some pictures of the masterpiece that is “Hornsey Broadway”

Keir, looking sternly at the guy next to me using the edge of the layout to steady his elbows. Some idiots taking pictures don’t know how to behave and are worse than kids

A rather decent line up at The Coopers Arms but sadly no Sarah Hughes Ruby Mild

Uncle Albert sitting below a caption that reads “During the war……”

Discussion time in the Coopers

Rob, Bertie and Bill post curry, with Dave talking springy bogies with Ian no doubt

Mike and Mark checking their phones, they must have got bored

The other lot at the Eames table

I just cant keep up any more…..


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DEFine Workshop Day April 2019

Although we meet once a week to get together and try and advance our personal projects, it was suggested a while back that we should hold a workshop day one Saturday to give us a full day of working. As so it was that a few weeks ago we got together at the meeting hall, bringing along what we were working on, with a bit more space to set up layouts etc.

Bill brought along two scenic boards from his “Glasgow Queen St” in P4 project and was busy all day working on the finishing touches to track work and wiring. Being able to see the tack plan now with track laid gives a feel for the scale of the project.

Bertie also brought along a couple of the many boards that go to make his “Shirebrook” in P4 project. He too was working on his last few pieces of track to be built.

Pete had his “Brunswick Yard” in P4 scenic section with him and he was working on trying to eliminate some niggles in the track work/stock that had been causing intermittent derailments.

Our latest member to join the DEFine fold, Rob Griffiths, was with us in body only as a night out the previous evening was still taking its toll on him. Rob was working on his stock projects over the day.

At the tables were Dave, Paul and guest for the day Alex Hall. They were all working on stock projects. Dave was working on some wagon stock for “Underhill Road” whilst Paul and Alex were working on some stock items for “Splot” ahead of its appearance at the Derby exhibition in May. Last but not least Brian arrived later in the afternoon but didn’t get much done for looking around what everyone else was doing and chatting about our projects.

The day was punctuated by lunch which consisted of a take away from a local chippy. After about 7 hours of modelling we called it a day. All in all it was a great day both productively and socially so we plan to do it again in the second half of the year.

Bill working on GQS

Our latest member Rob Griffiths

Dave getting serious on his wagon stock

Alex and Paul working on the stock for “Splot”

Track work for “Shirebrook” keeping Bertie busy

More wagon building by Paul

Pete working on “Brunswick Yard”

Just a view of the hall on the day

Same but from a different angle

Some of Bertie’s “Shirebrook” boards coming along nicely

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Model Rail Scotland 2019

One thing that never ceases to amaze us is how quickly this event comes around every year. We have been attending this show for over 11 years now from our base in the midlands,  11 with the Shawplan stand. Although its a 3 day show, it becomes a 5 day event due to the traveling required to get to and from the venue.

Our trip started out on the Thursday morning with Pete dropping his car off and Brian’s before we started on the road up the M1 and across the A66. Its a great run and the weather made it very pleasant. We were in contact with Bill who was traveling up from work in Coventry via the M6 and he was trying to catch us up. Our first pit stop was Southwaite services for a coffee and a burger. Pete was bemused that what he had ordered looked like half the size of Brian’s, which necessitated a top up with a Gregg’s sausage roll. A bag of doughnuts for the trip also found their way to the van somehow. Onwards then up the road and by the time we got to Hamilton Services Bill was with us. Our arrival at the SECC was later than usual but we got the van into the hall quickly and set up, shoehorning into the gap left for us by our neighbouring trader, who never noticed we had had to shove him back a bit.

Once we were all set up it was a short walk over the Bells Bridge to the Premier Inn, our digs for the next few days. Soon it was time to get something to eat and as custom has it it was out to the Lord of The Isles at Braehead for Curry Night. The hotel offered to get us a taxi and when a Hackney rolled up I feared the worst regarding what the fare would be out to Renfrew. It turned out to be almost double the return fare using Braehead Taxis on the way back!  This year we were joined by James Hudson of Bill Hudson books. James is not one for curry so he played it safe, with the rest of us tucking in and taking on a few beers.

Friday morning was an early start as the early entrants (or window lickers as they are affectionately known), were already starting to queue up to get in.

Friday is traditionally the modellers day when it comes to the type of visitor and the busiest on the stand. The venue quickly filled up and it was show-on!

Calcutta Sidings 2 dominates the top corner of the hall.

The standard of layout at the show is getting better with many now invited from across the country, including this year the mammoth that is “Calcutta Sidings 2”. There was one other celebrity layout in attendance at the other end of the scale but more of that later.

As Friday drew to a close Bill had to head back home as he had other business to attend to so after a quick freshen up Brian James and Pete headed out to the Panda Chinese buffet and a call in at the Old Toll Bar on the way back. None of the group were tempted by the cocktails this year which included a “Peaky Blinders” selection.

After breakfast on Saturday it was back to work at the show. It was another busy day and lots of chatter and eating of Tunnocks products took place. We had to reign back on the eating though as Brian and Pete had lined up a meat-fest for that evening. With James deciding to stay at the hotel, Brian and Pete headed for Viva Brazil in the city centre. All you can eat meat and a very comprehensive salad bar awaited. No sooner were we seated we were presented with the first of many meats to try. In the end Brian tried about 16 meat offerings and I had about 13. Absolutely stuffed we headed out into the mild evening weather for a cultural tour of the city centre with Pete as the guide. One thing that really disappointed us was the mess they are making of the new look Queen Street station. Having exposed the full splendor of the southern glazed arch they are now proceeding to hide it again with some monstrosity of a building, sacrilege.

Sunday as expected was a quiet day which gave us a chance to see a bit of the show and for Brian to spend a bit more time liaising with other traders and manufacturers. By the end of the day we were ready to pack up and once the van was in the hall it was time to load up and get back to the hotel.

Due to being a bit knackered we decided to eat in the hotel on the Sunday night, and had a nice meal. Before that we joined the RevolutioN and Accurascale guys for a bit of banter in the hotel bar. We had a few laughs and it was a nice way to finish off the weekend.

And so in line with tradition we award the DEFine $hite Modelling award (just a bit of fun). This year it goes to none other than the celebrity layout by Aberdeen Model Railway Group that won the “Great Model Railway Challenge” on TV, “City of Tiers” (Or is it City of Tears?). Unfortunately the Shawplan stand was opposite this and we had to look at it for 3 days. OK, it was built in 3 days and it was TV entertainment but it doesnt represent railway modelling in its true form. It does for railway modelling what Charles Ratner did for the jewellery business.

And so that was another Glasgow Show weekend over. Pete stayed behind to fit in a visit to family on the Monday whilst Brian and James headed their respective ways home. Roll on next year. Its one of the friendliest and sociable shows on the calendar, but then I might be biased 😉

Pete and Brian on the stand ready for another busy day

The CS2 crew leaping into action to get trains running

Tim and Bertie manning the control panel on CS2

A shot of Phil operating his layout, collectors item

Terry and Phil having a chat over CS2

Nobby poses with the big layout, he had threatened to short it out with a 2p to give the picture interest

Nobby again, drinking tea whilst George does all the work

One for the ladies, Rodders and Dave pose at Dave’s layout

Who has been feeding Clive the blue smarties again?

James, the proprietor of Bill Hudson books adds up the weekends takings

Mike ponders what to spend his second million on whilst Ben checks out “This just in…” on his phone

Brian and Terry ponder the merits of Peco Setrack, is there a change coming?

Scottish Modellers stand hard at it

That’s better chaps, guest southern softie on the stand MikeC

Another gaggle of the Scottish Modellers contingent

And so to “City of Tiers” this years winner


You can never have too many Lava Lamps on your layout

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DEFine Modellers Day 2019 – Review

Having decided that DEFine Modellers Day #3, would go ahead early last year its incredible how quickly it comes around. With all the planning done it was soon time for the event to take place. The week before involved a lot of work in the background sorting out insurance, signage and of course getting all the refreshments purchased.

And so to the day itself. It was an early start for the team with Bertie having to travel from Mansfield to open the hall and get the tea urns fired up. Bill had agreed to head up the A1 to help Paul Marshall-Potter get “Shelfie2” to the event and Paul was assisting Pete in getting “Brunswick Yard” over to the venue. No sooner had the hall opened for exhibitors, it soon started filling up with layouts and demo tables. We had a wide range of demos this year mainly stock based, with examples of coaches, wagons, weathered locos and on-track plant. Each of the demos, as in previous years, were busy all day. We had 6 layouts at the event, 7 if you count the small shunting plank that Mike Whitchurch had brought over from Spain in a suitcase!

By 10am we were ready and had people waiting to come in which is always a good sign. The attendance was similar to previous years and by lunchtime there was a healthy throng within the hall. Many people took advantage of our “Social Zone” to just sit and chat and help themselves to the piles of free magazines. The kitchen was doing a roaring trade all day in tea and coffee with a selection of pastries and filled rolls on offer served up by Sylvia.

We received many comments about the quality of the layouts in attendance. Our first 2mm layout at the event “Sutton St Annes” seemed to be a hit with even the 4mm modelers. The P4 gauge masterpiece that is Howard Bolton’s “Minories” was a big draw and had a healthy audience all day. It was the first outing for Pete’s “Brunswick Yard” with fiddle yards fitted and all went to plan. It was obvious from the interest being shown throughout the day that “Shelfie2”, “Caradon Junction” and “Ashton Steel” were all equally entertaining our guests and feedback on the layout selection was very positive.

As in previous years it seemed that no sooner had we let the first visitors in, we were starting to get ready to pack up. The day seems to fly by and there is never enough time to spend chatting with all the friends that come to support us. Again, as in previous years, we still had a good number of people in the hall, many of who had visited for the whole day.

If anyone is interested to see more of the event, a video can be accessed with this link. Credit for the video goes to Martin Edwards

The DEFine team would like to thank everyone who turned up for their support and hopefully we break even and can do it all again next year.

PMP shunting away on “Shelfie2”

“Shelfie2” has some first class modelling on show

Chatting on “Caradon Junction”

A heavily weathered Sentinel shunter traverses “Caradon Junction”

Ashley on operating duty behind “Ashton Steel”

A very studious bunch of visitors

That’s better! Nobby, Richard and Mike share a laugh whilst Clive reaches for more reading material.

“Sutton St Annes” drew a lot of interest at the event and is a great example of 2mm modelling.

Time for a chat with Tom, Colin, Bertie, Paul and Dave

Andy and his excellent demo stock showing whats to come on “Glasgow Queen St” in EM gauge

Mike and Phil deep in conversation over “Span Yard”

Alex’s On Track Plant demo went down very well and had a full audience all day

The Demo Room

Bill takes a break from P4 and tries the smaller gauge for size. GQS in 2mm anyone?

Pete having a play on his “Brunswick Yard” layout

A view along “Brunswick Yard”

Alex with his weathered stock demo

The control side of “Minories” with Howard’s interlocking lever frame mechanism

A multiple unit awaits the signal on “Minories”

Bertie takes the helm of “Shelfie2” whilst a worried PMP looks on.

Fresh off the nightshift, Dave chats about wagons with Phil

Last but not least our refreshments hostess for the day, Sylvia


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DEFine Modellers Day 2019

DEFine are pleased to announce that we will be holding our third DEFine Modellers Day on Saturday the 12th of January 2019. The venue is as previous years, Risley Village Hall, Risley, Derbyshire,  DE72 3SU (beside the church).

Planning is well underway for the event and the line up of attendees so far is as follows.


Sutton St-Annes (2mm)

Ashton Street (OO)

Brunswick Yard (P4)

Cromer (OO)

Minories (P4)

Shelfie 2 (OO)


On-Track Plant – Alex Hall

Working on wagons – Phil Eames

Weathering stock – Dave Roome

Stock display for Glasgow Queen St in EM – Andy Clayton

Building a “plank” – Mike Whitchurch

As in previous events, there will be no traders present. There is lots of parking and refreshments will be available on the day. Doors open at 10am and close at 4pm.

The venue can be reached within 5 mins off J25 of the M1. Take exit (Bostocks Lane) heading for Risley  and then left at the lights on to A5010. The Village Hall will be signposted about half a mile along on the right hand side.

We are also pleased to announce that admission is being maintained at only £3 as this is a not for profit event.

We will keep the blog updated with any more news and reminders nearer the date. This looks like it could be our biggest show yet so we hope you can come along and enjoy the day. Pictures and coverage of previous events can be found in the blog archive.


The DEFine Team


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Where has this year gone?

When I told people I was going to retire in July 2017, they told me I would have loads of time on my hands to get the layout finished and keep the blog updated etc….wrong! I cant believe that May was the last update on here so in order to put things right here is a bit of an update.

Our Wednesday night meetings continue to be a success with everyone busy working away on their own projects. We have promised to put more modelling snippets on here as to what people in the group are up to so we will endeavour to do that going forward.

Most if not all of the group were at the DEMU Showcase event back in early June, the last one to be held at Burton Town Hall with a new venue in Burton planned for next year. As has become the custom, the group retired to the Coopers Arms on the Saturday night to sample some of their excellent ales, followed by an equally excellent curry in the restaurant next door.

Chatting in the Coopers Arms

The DEFine crew and Ian Benberth tuck in

The noisy table

July saw the Lydd Rail event take place at Paul Wade’s first class facilities down in Lydd. Pete had the scenic section of his layout there as a first outing. All went well except for an 08 deciding to spontaneously let out a loud screech and stop dead. Thankfully the damaged decoder was replaced along with the speakers under warranty by Legomanbiffo so all is now well with the 08. Bertie had decided to go down on the Thursday and do some running around the Kent coast on a Rail Rover. This year we had a trip out on a vintage bus to visit the Rommney, Hythe and Dimchurch Railway. This unique railway is a joy to visit and we had a back stage pass to visit the signal box and the sheds. Very interesting.Lydd is a great event but was a challenge this year with it being a 6 hour journey each way because of traffic issues on our wonderful road systems.

Pete just before the 08 decided it wasn’t playing


Forward to September and it was the customary visit to the Great Central Railway Diesel Gala. This year numbers were down due to members being on holiday and it was left to Pete, Bill and Dave Furmage to hold the fort for DEFine. After the mandatory full breakfast in the griddle car we spent a very enjoyable day going up and down the line hauled by various means of traction. A first for this year included a trip up the Mountsorrel branch in a DMU. For lunch some real ale was laid on a Loughbourough station so we had to partake in a nice pint of mild, accompanied by a foot long hotdog!

The Mountsorrel branch cab view

It is mandatory

Pete after a long day at the GCR

As September draws to a close we now see the exhibition season starting to gather pace. As I type this I am preparing to head to Aylesbury for the Scalefour Society exhibition. In the D&E era modelling section we will have Bertie and Dave Furmage doing some demonstrations involving stock and a section of Berties “Shirebrook” layout on which he has now got some hand built track laid. Pete will be there with the scenic section of “Brunswick Yard” and Brian and Paul of course with the Shawplan stand.

We must mention that plans are well underway for the 2019 DEFine Modellers Day. This will be our third event and hopefully it will be as successful as the others. More details on here soon.

So there we have it, hopefully updates will be more regular and we can include some details on modelling projects

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Catch up…May 2018

It’s a few months since we reported any activity from the DEFine team but things have been moving along well with all our personal projects. We still meet once a week and busy ourselves with some modelling, chatting, eating biscuits and drinking coffee/tea.

It was once mentioned that we never see any modelling on the DEFine forum, just antics usually involving beer, curry and all-day breakfasts. To put that right here are some pictures of us working away just to prove we actually do some modelling

For the past few years Bill has been working on creating a P4 gauge model of Glasgow Queen Street. Lots of research has gone into it and here we see Bill working on the board that hosts the track work from the tunnel and into the station throat, fanning out into platforms. All the track on both boards is hand-built and Bill is currently completing the DCC wiring.

Bertie is currently building a layout (40ft) based on Shirebrook, also in P4. When not working on track Bertie spends a lot of time working on stock, mostly improving kits and RTR stock with improved suspension, braking details and other such work to help improve the look of the models and also improve the running capabilities. Bertie is a fan of the Rumney Models replacement chassis approach and has done quite a few. Here he is working on a 16t Mineral Wagon.

Brian has a long time ambition to build a model of Kings Cross but running a business for modellers and supporting Ready To Run manufacturers often gets in the way. In the meantime he turns his attention to improving stock. Like others in the group he has built replacement chassis’s for his locos using the Penbits suspension kits. Brian can be seen here working on his latest conversion, a Class 47.

Paul (left) is also working on some wagon stock improvements. As well as designing parts for his own stock improvements, Paul is in the final stages with his excellent P4 layout “Splot”. Here he is working on some bogie parts for “Powell-Duffryn” steel carrier wagons, ably assisted by Dave. Once completed these will be unique items and will join the many other pieces of bespoke rolling stock that Paul has built.

Dave (right in previous picture), has been very busy recently. He is still working on his recent layout “Underhill Road”, whilst at the same time working on writing magazine articles. The June Model railway Journal contains his detailed article on modifying and improving RTR Class 25 locos. He has also recently built an “ETHEL” train heating loco in P4 ( seen above ) for Bill to be used on his Glasgow Queen Street model.

Completing the line up is Pete who is seen here working on his latest P4 layout “Brunswick Yard”. It is a fictitious location built on Tim Horn baseboards with a 6ft scenic section and two fiddle yards. Pete is seen here negotiating the construction of stretcher bars on to the point work using the group’s Resistance Soldering Unit (RSU). The layout is about 60% complete with ballasting being the next major undertaking. The purpose of the layout is to provide a platform to show stock movements, once some more stock is converted to P4.

Well we hope this post fills a gap and shows that we do also manage to fit in some serious modelling whilst at the same time having a good laugh and a joke.



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