DEFine Modellers Day 2019 – Review

Having decided that DEFine Modellers Day #3, would go ahead early last year its incredible how quickly it comes around. With all the planning done it was soon time for the event to take place. The week before involved a lot of work in the background sorting out insurance, signage and of course getting all the refreshments purchased.

And so to the day itself. It was an early start for the team with Bertie having to travel from Mansfield to open the hall and get the tea urns fired up. Bill had agreed to head up the A1 to help Paul Marshall-Potter get “Shelfie2” to the event and Paul was assisting Pete in getting “Brunswick Yard” over to the venue. No sooner had the hall opened for exhibitors, it soon started filling up with layouts and demo tables. We had a wide range of demos this year mainly stock based, with examples of coaches, wagons, weathered locos and on-track plant. Each of the demos, as in previous years, were busy all day. We had 6 layouts at the event, 7 if you count the small shunting plank that Mike Whitchurch had brought over from Spain in a suitcase!

By 10am we were ready and had people waiting to come in which is always a good sign. The attendance was similar to previous years and by lunchtime there was a healthy throng within the hall. Many people took advantage of our “Social Zone” to just sit and chat and help themselves to the piles of free magazines. The kitchen was doing a roaring trade all day in tea and coffee with a selection of pastries and filled rolls on offer served up by Sylvia.

We received many comments about the quality of the layouts in attendance. Our first 2mm layout at the event “Sutton St Annes” seemed to be a hit with even the 4mm modelers. The P4 gauge masterpiece that is Howard Bolton’s “Minories” was a big draw and had a healthy audience all day. It was the first outing for Pete’s “Brunswick Yard” with fiddle yards fitted and all went to plan. It was obvious from the interest being shown throughout the day that “Shelfie2”, “Caradon Junction” and “Ashton Steel” were all equally entertaining our guests and feedback on the layout selection was very positive.

As in previous years it seemed that no sooner had we let the first visitors in, we were starting to get ready to pack up. The day seems to fly by and there is never enough time to spend chatting with all the friends that come to support us. Again, as in previous years, we still had a good number of people in the hall, many of who had visited for the whole day.

If anyone is interested to see more of the event, a video can be accessed with this link. Credit for the video goes to Martin Edwards

The DEFine team would like to thank everyone who turned up for their support and hopefully we break even and can do it all again next year.

PMP shunting away on “Shelfie2”

“Shelfie2” has some first class modelling on show

Chatting on “Caradon Junction”

A heavily weathered Sentinel shunter traverses “Caradon Junction”

Ashley on operating duty behind “Ashton Steel”

A very studious bunch of visitors

That’s better! Nobby, Richard and Mike share a laugh whilst Clive reaches for more reading material.

“Sutton St Annes” drew a lot of interest at the event and is a great example of 2mm modelling.

Time for a chat with Tom, Colin, Bertie, Paul and Dave

Andy and his excellent demo stock showing whats to come on “Glasgow Queen St” in EM gauge

Mike and Phil deep in conversation over “Span Yard”

Alex’s On Track Plant demo went down very well and had a full audience all day

The Demo Room

Bill takes a break from P4 and tries the smaller gauge for size. GQS in 2mm anyone?

Pete having a play on his “Brunswick Yard” layout

A view along “Brunswick Yard”

Alex with his weathered stock demo

The control side of “Minories” with Howard’s interlocking lever frame mechanism

A multiple unit awaits the signal on “Minories”

Bertie takes the helm of “Shelfie2” whilst a worried PMP looks on.

Fresh off the nightshift, Dave chats about wagons with Phil

Last but not least our refreshments hostess for the day, Sylvia


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