Catch up…May 2018

It’s a few months since we reported any activity from the DEFine team but things have been moving along well with all our personal projects. We still meet once a week and busy ourselves with some modelling, chatting, eating biscuits and drinking coffee/tea.

It was once mentioned that we never see any modelling on the DEFine forum, just antics usually involving beer, curry and all-day breakfasts. To put that right here are some pictures of us working away just to prove we actually do some modelling

For the past few years Bill has been working on creating a P4 gauge model of Glasgow Queen Street. Lots of research has gone into it and here we see Bill working on the board that hosts the track work from the tunnel and into the station throat, fanning out into platforms. All the track on both boards is hand-built and Bill is currently completing the DCC wiring.

Bertie is currently building a layout (40ft) based on Shirebrook, also in P4. When not working on track Bertie spends a lot of time working on stock, mostly improving kits and RTR stock with improved suspension, braking details and other such work to help improve the look of the models and also improve the running capabilities. Bertie is a fan of the Rumney Models replacement chassis approach and has done quite a few. Here he is working on a 16t Mineral Wagon.

Brian has a long time ambition to build a model of Kings Cross but running a business for modellers and supporting Ready To Run manufacturers often gets in the way. In the meantime he turns his attention to improving stock. Like others in the group he has built replacement chassis’s for his locos using the Penbits suspension kits. Brian can be seen here working on his latest conversion, a Class 47.

Paul (left) is also working on some wagon stock improvements. As well as designing parts for his own stock improvements, Paul is in the final stages with his excellent P4 layout “Splot”. Here he is working on some bogie parts for “Powell-Duffryn” steel carrier wagons, ably assisted by Dave. Once completed these will be unique items and will join the many other pieces of bespoke rolling stock that Paul has built.

Dave (right in previous picture), has been very busy recently. He is still working on his recent layout “Underhill Road”, whilst at the same time working on writing magazine articles. The June Model railway Journal contains his detailed article on modifying and improving RTR Class 25 locos. He has also recently built an “ETHEL” train heating loco in P4 ( seen above ) for Bill to be used on his Glasgow Queen Street model.

Completing the line up is Pete who is seen here working on his latest P4 layout “Brunswick Yard”. It is a fictitious location built on Tim Horn baseboards with a 6ft scenic section and two fiddle yards. Pete is seen here negotiating the construction of stretcher bars on to the point work using the group’s Resistance Soldering Unit (RSU). The layout is about 60% complete with ballasting being the next major undertaking. The purpose of the layout is to provide a platform to show stock movements, once some more stock is converted to P4.

Well we hope this post fills a gap and shows that we do also manage to fit in some serious modelling whilst at the same time having a good laugh and a joke.



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  1. ………..thought you said Queen St was already finished……..

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