DEFine Modellers Day 2018 – The Review

As previously reported, due to the success of the DEFine Modellers Day in January 2017, it was decided to hold the event again in 2018.  The format of the event had received a favourable response from those who attended the first Modellers Day so we stuck with a similar format. The idea of the DEFine Modellers day is to provide an event for serious modellers to get together in a social vein to display and demonstrate their handiwork and to share information with like minded souls. So with that in mind , how did we do this year? We once again managed to fill both halls with differing and interesting exhibits and demonstrations. We are indebted to those who agree to come along and volunteer their time in order to make the event a success. It is THE event run by serious modellers for other modellers irrespective of ability.

So it was at 7.15am on a very cold Saturday morning that Pete arrived to open the hall and get the heaters on and get the urn on the go. Pete was swiftly joined by Bill and set up started. Paul and Dave arrived shortly afterwards with their excellent layouts “Splot” and “Underhill Road”. Whilst Dave and Paul commenced building their layouts up the others were laying out the floorplan of tables and chairs in anticipation of the other layouts and exhibitors arriving from 8am. In no time a steady stream of bodies and boxes of all sizes started to fill the room and very quickly it started to look like the event was taking shape. Next to arrive was Sylvia (MrsD) who was in charge of refreshments and she set about arranging the kitchen area and making up the delicious filled rolls.

At 10am our first visitors were ticketed through the door and we were off and running. A steady stream of visitors then followed throughout the day. It was great to see so many friends and familiar faces, as well as some people who were attending for the first time. With all the DEFine members either demonstrating or showing layouts, and all the demonstrations having no empty seats in front of them the hall soon had a buzz that confirmed the event was going well. Some people stayed for many hours and chatted which is what we aimed for. You cannot help but learn things or get enthused about something through talking to other people who are open and willing to share their expertise.

By 3pm we were almost out of refreshments but the tea and coffee were still flowing as people still congregated in the hall chatting. By 4pm closing the hall was still busy so we had to start clearing up around people! At one point we were going to have to ask the lads on “Enigma Engineering” to put the lights out when they left, as they were fully engrossed.

Having said all our goodbyes to friends and all those who helped make the event a success it was time to clean out the hall. Bill did a sterling job as Mrs Mop whilst Bertie took a truly systematic and methodical approach to sweeping the floor. Last thing to do was have a DEFine get together to analyse how things went. Our treasurer reported that we had almost the same number of visitors through the door as 2017 but taking everything into account we had made a £5 loss on the event. However that loss was immediately turned into a £7 profit by auctioning off the rolls, milk, crisps and cans to the group. We can therefore say the event was a financial as success!! With that done it was over the road to The Risley Inn for a celebratory beer.

A big thank you from everyone in DEFine to all our visitors, exhibitors and demonstrators for making the event a real success. We got great feedback on the door as visitors were leaving. We will post up in due course what our plan is for 2019. The challenge is for us to find new demos and small layouts for the event so we are on the look out now.

We will close out with some pictures and captions from the event.

The more observant visitor will have noticed Mr Whitchurch sporting his DEFine Spanish Area Group shirt

The shunting enigma that is “Enigma Engineering”

Roomey’s “Underhill Road” gets lots of admirers

Brian discusses all things etching with visitors

Deep in discussion at Ashley Toone’s “Field Lane”

Scary, the operators Richard Coleman had with him on “Down Sidings”

Dave Wright’s excellent demo on creating back scenes

Bill and Mark discussing the coach scene in Scotland in the 70’s and 80’s

Lots of discussion going on, with a few laughs

Phil discussing DCC wiring of his layout

Bertie and Mark discussing Rumney Models chassis construction

Another appreciative audience sharing in Dave Wright’s help and advice

A view along one of the boards from Paul Spencer’s “Splot”

Picking up some wagons on Dave Roome’s “Underhill Road”

The hall gets busy and the free mags have certainly started to disappear

Howard discusses how he builds his excellent P4 track work

The Mickelover Mafia in deep discussion

Clive strikes a serious pose whilst Richard gives it big grins

Last but not least, Sylvia, who kept us all fed and watered throughout the day



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