Tamworth outing 7th July

So after some debating on a suitable location for a night out with the camera, it was decided at the meeting at the Brunswick on the 30th June that we should head for Tamworth as it is somewhere we haven’t been as a group.

The weather all week had been rather hit and miss so it was with some surprise that we had a sunny and dry evening.  We had Pete, Brian, Robert, Craig, Wal and Dave in attendance and as usual the banter was good, but we are indebted to Mr Furmage for enlightening us on the applications for the No3 Mills clip and its variants 🙂

As a location it is good in so much that it has a very good variety of freight workings and all the catenary ironmogery and “knitting ” is on over-gantries as opposed to stantions. The big drawback is that the traffic is going through very fast so if light is low it is a challenge to get a good shot. At least we managed to mark the occasion with a Class 70 on a container train, this was a first for a few of the assembled group.

So with the light fading we crossed the road to a pub that although it looked closed, it was in fact open, but only a couple of taps working 😦 So after a few pints with a Pork Scratching side order it was back home.

70007 was a first sighting of a Class 70 loco for some of the group

67028 "Rail Blue Charter" comes through in fading light


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