Workshop night 16th June 2011

In attendance we had: MikeW, Brian, Robert, Steve, Pete, Gareth and Bill.

Some serious work was well underway by the time I arrived with Mike, Robert, Brian and Steve all busy attacking something. I had hadn’t really brought any hardware to work on, I thought that I would bring the laptop and work on Templot. To cut a long story short if the Tai-Chi boys hadnt been doing their stuff outside the window the laptop would have been drop-kicked out into the garden!! Enough said.

Brian was building some Deltic cantrail grilles with the dexterity of a watchmaker. Mike was busy filing away some body sides under his illuminated magnifier. I made a note to myself to remember not to sit opposite him again. Went home with radiation burns and temporary blindness caused by the lamp pointing in my direction.

Bill was modifying some coaches, presumably for his Glasgow Edinburgh push-pull set and Steve was re-glazing a Class 47. I could not really see what Robert and Gareth were up to as the blindness had kicked in by that time 😉

The refreshments as usual were good with some cup cakes provided by Bill, made by Mrs Wilson for the assembled group. Tasty, but some of us found it a bit of a challenge to eat them without the icing getting onto the workbench (Gareth).

Gareth tackles another Cup Cake, serious stuff this modelling lark!

Another good night, some modelling done, characters assassinated and all the worlds problems put to rights

Bill showing how he can make DBSO's with his eyes-shut

Dont stare at this too long you will get blinded. No introductions needed for obvious reasons

Cantrail grilles done, they look bit blurred to me though 😉

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