Its Showcase Time!

With only 2 days left to go now, it’s almost over. As you probably know, three of our DEFine members have been involved in the running of DEMU Showcase since 2006, when we “volunteered” to take on the job. By Sunday evening we will be free of the role and able to get on with our own personal modelling projects and helping to further the aims of DEFine in other directions.

There should be a good contingent of the DEFine membership in attendance with of course Bill, Pete and Mike W running the event, and Jim busy doing a demo on road vehicles. We will have Brian trading his wares on the Shawplan stand and Gareth meeting his public on the Rail Express stand.  We will also have Mike C working on the second hand stall and other members such as Robert and Chris ably falling into the roles of stewards. Last but not least we have Phil operating on Understaffed Yard and I believe Dave T will be loitering without intent around certain layouts looking for a go on a real train set 😉 We will not count Bryn as its his birthday on Friday so although he is attending some 2mm scale event, my money is on him being scraped off a pavement somewhere on the Saturday and poured into the back of a car!

So all in all a great show from the DEFine guys in supporting the event.

We are also looking forward to Saturday night when we have our post Showcase meal organised for DEFine and a select few friends who have passed the various filters we have in place to ensure a convivial evening is guaranteed 🙂

So its off to set up the show in the morning. The last time we will get to set up and exhibition, or is it?…………


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