Brunswick Revisited

In attendance: Pete, MikeW, Wal, Brian, Bill, Gareth, Chris, Bryn, Robert

After another successful workshop night on the 21st April it was back to the Brunswick in Derby for our monthly social event. The pub was a bit more lively that it had been in the past so having vacated the booth we were in due to those noisy types adjacent to us we sought sanctuary in the next room, just in time for the jazz band upstairs to strike up!!

It was immaterial in the end since we ended up making as much noise as the rest of them. As usual the beers on offer were up to the Brunswick standard. With the official business out of the way it was down to some model railway chat and looking over some of Bryn’s 2FS masterpieces! Strangely though the conversation strayed on to a very serious vein with everything up for discussion from theology to the cosmos! Heavy stuff.

As usual we were some of the last to leave the pub and everyone was looking forward to the next meeting, workshop night in Norttingham on the 19th May.


Bryn explains why size isn't everything

DEFine Social Night 5th May 2011

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