New group gets off the ground

Attending: Bertie, Bill, Brian, Chris, Dave F, Gareth, Mike W, Pete and Steve.
Absent: Bryn, Dave T, Phil, Mike C and Wal.

A NEW MODELLING group got off the ground tonight (Thursday, September 23rd) at the Poet & Castle pub in Codnor. While a name was not decided on, the decision being postponed until the next meeting (to be held on October), a number of other key issues were agreed on.

After a brief series of votes, the following appointments were made: Chris was elected as Group Co-coordinator, Bertie was elected Secretary to write up notes, Bill was elected as Newsletter Editor and Gareth will be in charge of a blog. Thursday nights were agreed as the main day for group meetings. Importantly, the attendees decided that in order to maintain the cohesion of the group, membership would be by invite only. Members were also expected to be active modelers.

The new chairman, Chris, finished off by thanking everyone who attended. The general feeling was that it was a good night, social as well as being a positive meeting in terms of getting some events organized.

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